Vania Veeska

Vania Veeska

Architect at Architect Indomegah

About Vania Veeska

A passionate and optimistic individual that has a motto of never-ending improvement. Vania completed her bachelor's degree in Architecture and has a deep interest in entrepreneurship. Her interest in entrepreneurship sparked when she joined Architect Indomegah and met with the Founder of Architect Indomegah during her internship. Since then, she's been in pursuit of entrepreneurship & leadership through her work as an architect and chief community officer at the same time.

Kamu bisa bertanya kepada Vania tentang:

  • Design Thinking
  • How to discover your value/why and applies it to your everyday life
  • How to setup your team
  • Project Management: how to manage yourself, create a system within
  • Big Data
  • Social Impact: What Vania was doing with Spark Indonesia (a social enterprise) and as an architect at the same time?

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